1 in a Million

Will You Be 1 in a Million?

To be "one in a million" means to stand out, to be extraordinary, to be unique. We are looking for a million people just like YOU to stand with us and do something EXTRAordinary...to build a school for our children, for our future.

Will you help us and donate at least $10 and ask 2 of your friends to do the same? By doing so, you become 1 in a Million. Watch this to learn more!


In honor of all our donors, both big and small, a lasting tribute wall will be constructed and engraved with all the names of those who became 1 in a Million.  It will stand as a lasting legacy to future generations of those who gave, to make the dream of a physical campus a reality for our children and our community.  In advance, thank you for standing with us and being "1 in a Million!"

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