Oak Grove Classical Academy FAQs

Below you will find our Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more about Oak Grove Classical Academy. Please email info@oakgroveclassical.com if you have any other questions.

Is Oak Grove an accredited school?

Yes. Oak Grove is dually accredited with AdvancEd and Christian Schools International. AdvancEd is one of the major regional accrediting bodies and accredits APS schools. Our accreditations demonstrate our commitment to academic and Christian excellence. Students who graduate or transfer from Oak Grove have all they need, regarding what our accreditations afford, to continue well and officially.

What time does the on-campus school day begin and end?

The school day begins at 8:00am with Morning Meeting, and the school day ends at 3:30pm. Students may be dropped off starting at 7:40am, and pickup lasts from 3:30pm-3:45pm.

When is each grade on campus?

K-5th is on campus Monday and Wednesday. 6th-8th is on campus Mon., Wed., and Fri. 9th-12th is on campus Mon., Wed., and Fri. for normal classroom sessions and on Tues. and Thur. for workshops and group study.

Does Oak Grove have a cafeteria, or do students need to pack a lunch?

Oak Grove does not have a cafeteria; students must bring a packed lunch to school.

Does Oak Grove have any sports offerings?

Yes. Oak Grove provides a few athletics offerings and is seeking to add more options in the near future. Please see our “Athletics” page, currently under development, and email vince.zunic@oakgroveowls.com for any specific questions.

What is FEW and Bootcamp?

FEW is Family Education Weekend. FEW happens on the Friday and Saturday one week before the school year begins. During FEW the administration and teachers provide philosophical and practical information over the course of the two days for the sake of parents being well-informed

Does Oak Grove publish a school calendar?

Yes. Oak Grove publishes a calendar on our websites, and we provide hardcopies at the beginning of the school year, and they are made available throughout the school year in the school office.

Does Oak Grove require entrance testing?


Can I volunteer in my child’s class?

For certain activities and events, Oak Grove does allow parents to volunteer. Parents must have approval from the classroom teacher and must check in at the office in order to volunteer. Permanent volunteer scenarios are not allowed at Oak Grove.

What kind of security system does Oak Grove have?

Oak Grove classrooms are all capable of being locked down. All K-3 classrooms remain locked when students are present. All K-3 classrooms are located where video monitoring exists. Our personnel have been trained to keep a watchful eye and ear and are aware of various procedures related to specific types of threats. Students are always under some degree of supervision. All grammar school students remain in direct supervision.

Why does Oak Grove teach Latin?

As a classical school, Oak Grove teaches Latin with the conviction that learning Latin, unlike other languages, trains and prepares the student to think critically and systematically. Learning Latin is similar to learning math as it forces an emphasis on cumulative understanding and progressive application. Latin instruction enhances ability for abstract thought in concrete application. Furthermore, a Latin education serves students well as they go on to study many other languages, including their own.

My student is joining Oak Grove and will have missed years of Latin instruction. Will my student be behind in Latin?

Oak Grove provides fitting Latin instruction for students who join Oak Grove later in their academic careers. In short, for example, no student will be expected in their first year of Latin to pick up or perform at the level where other students who have had previous Latin instruction do.

Does Oak Grove have any official affiliation with Hoffmantown Church beyond a rental lease agreement?


Is Oak Grove have governed by or officially affiliated with a church or denomination?


Is Oak Grove a non-profit organization?

Yes, Oak Grove is a registered 501(c)(3).

Are Oak Grove students prepared for college?

Yes. Oak Grove provides a thorough education, offering students all necessary coursework and credits for high school graduation requirements. Related, Oak Grove is accredited by the same regionally accrediting body as all APS schools. As such, Oak Grove students will not be denied acceptance to a college simply because of the fact that the student graduated from Oak Grove.

Since both parents in our family work full-time will Oak Grove’s University Model work for our family?

Due to the dynamics and time requirements necessarily related to co-teaching in a University Model school, both parents working full-time creates a most-often insurmountable problem for taking the time necessary to co-teach as necessary.