What is it that makes Oak Grove distinct?
Oak Grove Classical Academy is full of qualities and characteristics that make it different from other educational institutions. They exist, however, for more than just a way to different or appealing, they are the four things that guide our every decision, our mission and our vision. They are our distinctives.

Christ Centered

We believe that a great education inspires students to pursue the Truth and understand the world around them. At Oak Grove we recognize that the pursuit of Truth is not a subjective venture. Rather, all truth belongs to and stems from God. Pointing students to their compass, the Word of God, is the only way they will discern truth from error, right from wrong, and good from evil. Because all learning is premised on a defined world view, Oak Grove seeks to present language, history, science and the arts as tools through which we learn more of God’s character and His design of our world.


With a firm lens of truth, Oak Grove specifically and intentionally uses the classical methodology to present truth so that students may be formed and not simply informed. Through the ancient Trivium – Latin for “three ways”, we capitalize on age appropriate strengths of students at each of three primary stages of development: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.  We teach the tools of learning so that students can approach anything with confidence because they have been trained by the Truth.  While diligent practice and discipline is par for the course, we model for the students the ancient beauty of schole – restful learning that produces and cultivates virtue.

Grammar/Knowledge Stage (K-5th grade): Students grasp the basic building blocks foundational to life-long learning by applying meaningful memorization and mastery of content knowledge. Focus is placed on delivery of factual information through poetry, vocabulary, mathematics, literature, geography and historical narrative.

Logic/Understanding Stage (6-8th grade): Students critically analyze more complex issues applying the difficult “why” and “how” questions to each subject area. Studying formal logic, they develop reasoning skills, recognize and avoid invalid conclusions, and construct persuasive arguments.

Rhetoric/Wisdom Phase (9-12th grade): Students emphasize the integration of academic content by understanding the connections between bodies of knowledge and building the power of persuasion within the world of ideas. Based on the knowledge and reasoning skills developed through the grammar and logic stages, students culminate their academic experience by applying the art of both written and spoken presentation.

University Model

To that end, Oak Grove places the high value on family and on the God-given task of raising and educating our children in the home.  No one knows a child like his parent; and while parenting is a challenging calling, it is the high calling that God graciously and lavishly equips for His glory.  Oak Grove works to provide excellent lessons and directives for families to literally bring into their own homes and participate together in this Christ-centered, classical education.

OGCA’s University Model means that our K-5 students are on campus on Monday and Wednesday. Our 6-8 students are on campus M, W, and F. On home days lesson plans are provided for parents. Our high school students are on campus 5 days a week but T and Th are used for math, science, and language arts workshops.

Cultivation of Delight & Wonder

Socrates said, “Wisdom begins in wonder.” There is nothing more lovely than seeing a student truly revel in the beauty and truth of the world around him, apprising the world rightly through the lens of God’s truth. To fall in love with learning – for life – is truly our goal.

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