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Grammar School

(grades K-5)

In classical education the Grammar School is primarily concerned with laying a thorough foundation of factual knowledge upon which the student may begin a beautiful edifice of learning. Oak Grove’s Grammar School emphasizes the grammar of language and mathematics, how letters and words function together in properly fashioned sentences and how numbers work together in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Grammar School science and art may also be helpfully understood as exploring and beginning to work with the puzzle pieces of learning as students joyfully engage their senses.

The Culture

There is no beginning or final bell to the education of our children. Leaning happens at your dining table, the couch, the soccer field, the basketball court and, of course, the classroom. Oak Grove celebrates the continuity of home by showcasing family events like Field Day, English Expo and Science Day. Similarly, our Activities promote physical and mental challenge with godly coaches in Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Track and field, and Archery.

The Curriculum

The word ‘curriculum’ comes from the Latin term that means ‘run’. In Oak Grove’s Grammar School, we employ a key classical component of “making haste slowly” as we run the course of delight and foundations.