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Logic School

(grades 6-8)

In classical education the Logic School emphasizes a student’s need to begin formulating and responding skillfully to arguments. Logic, in the classical sense, is an art as well as a science. As an art, conversational logic explores ways in which one must learn to aptly recognize fallacies and valid and/or sound propositions he or she will encounter and how to respond in truth and grounded rationale. As a science, formal logic unveils the qualities and forms various arguments may take, the pupil being tasked with understanding how arguments function (or not) formulaically. In the Logic School students begin to wrestle with how to discern sound conclusions and decipher when faulty conclusions are made.

The Culture

The idea of life long learning is established, and now deepened through a robust curriculum taught on campus 3 days under the tutelage of certified teachers and 2 days at home. The emphasis of educating the “whole man ” is enriched through the interlacing of athletics and activities within the curricular day. Opportunities of growth and challenge happen within the life incubators we call soccer, basketball, volleyball, speech and debate, chess, robotics to name a few, all of which we offer at Oak Grove Classical Academy.

The Curriculum

The word ‘curriculum’ comes from the Latin term that means ‘run’. In Oak Grove’s Logic School, we employ a key classical component of “making haste slowly” as we run the course of artful argument, logic and the pursuit of truth.